Final Footprints Genealogy Program

“Final Footsteps” genealogy class will be held Saturday, November 2nd at 1:00 PM.

In death, we leave our final footprints in the public record.

Family tree researchers seek obituaries and death certificates to learn dates of death and places of burial for their ancestors.  There are many other places to find our family’s “final footprints”, however.

The “Final Footprints” genealogy class will look at alternative sources for death records and demonstrate how to get the most information from a state-issued death certificate.

The program is free but registration is required. Stop by the circulation desk or call 724-863-4700 x 3.

Writers Symposium – October 27th

The Norwin Public Library writers group, Original Characters, will be holding a Writers Symposium on Sunday, October 27th from 1-4:30 PM in the Norwin Public Library Kunkle Community Room.

Featured Topics will include:

  • Tools to Grow an Idea
  • Self-Publishing
  • Criticism: Giving and Taking It
  • Adventures in Writing and Self Marketing

In addition to discussion, the symposium will also demonstrate writing exercises and other strategies for beginning, continuing, or finishing a writing project.

The program is free but registration is required. Please Contact Amanda Mitchell at 724-863-4700 x 112 or

Internet Genealogy For Beginners

The development of computer-based searches has revolutionized the hobby of genealogy in recent years. The Internet is a powerful tool for quick results in Family Tree research, although there are some pitfalls to be aware of.

One pitfall is the belief that expensive subscriptions are necessary for Family Tree research.  This is not the case.

“Internet Genealogy for Beginners” demonstrates some of the most useful FREE genealogy web sites, including how to use a Norwin Public Library card to access some subscription sites FREE OF CHARGE.

People attending the class will leave with a list of web sites to try at home.

Author Scott Brown

Scott will share stories, lessons and more from his latest book, Hope and Heartbreak, which chronicles the opioid epidemic in Westmoreland County and the surrounding area.

Signed copies will be available for purchase.



Genealogy for Beginners

“Genealogy for Beginners” is a class for people who want to try tracing their family tree, but have hesitated because they are not computer-savvy. Computer skills are not necessary to begin your family tree research.

This class will show you how to start a simple family tree using materials that you may already have at home and resources available in the community such as local historical societies and our public libraries.

You will also teach you some common beginner mistakes,  and how you can avoid making them!

BARYNYA – Russian Music and Dance

Join us for a free performance by Barynya, a world-renowned Russian folk ensemble. The group will perform traditional Russian, Cossack, Ukranian, Jewish and Gypsy Roma dances and music.
Norwin Public Library

Wednesday, July 31 at 6:00pm

Call 724-863-4700 to register.

Presented by Westmoreland Library Network through a grant from the Westmoreland County Bureau of Parks & Recreation Arts Grant Program.