Strange Aspects of the Elusive Bigfoot

Stan Gordon began investigating reports of Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania  in the late 1960’s. Since then he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses who claim to have encountered these strange hairy creatures.

Sightings of Bigfoot continue to take place yearly in Pennsylvania and across the country. You will hear about some of the strangest cases ever documented about Bigfoot. You will also hear about the latest Bigfoot encounters around the area.

The program is free, but registration is requested.  Please stop by the front desk or call 724-863-4700 x3.


Health Talk On Diabetes

A Nurse Navigator from Redstone Highlands will be presenting a health talk about Diabetes.

She will present information about diabetes, symptoms, causes and treatments.  If you or a loved one is affected by diabetes, then stop by for some accurate medical advice.

The session will last about 30 minutes with questions and answers after.


Honoring the Daughters of Maeve

As we approach St. Patrick’s Day, our minds naturally turn to all things Irish.  Many of us dredge up the family rumors of an Irish ancestor or two. In fact, nearly one in nine Americans has some Irish ancestry. That’s a good excuse to celebrate!

Because March is also National Women’s History Month, I’m going to present a special program that will honor some of our famous and not-so-famous Irish foremothers.  Their exploits and accomplishments will astound you!

Please note: this program does NOT deal with genealogical research.  This is a cultural history program.