Summer Reading Signup!

Click Here to Sign Up for Norwin Public Library’s Summer Reading Program!

Once you have registered your child or children, please stop by the Children’s Library for a full printed schedule of all of our free events, slated for between June 14-July 26!  There  is a a 3-ring binder in the Children’s Library to sign up for individual programs. Some do have age restrictions,  please abide by them. We hope to see you soon!


Q: Do I need a library card to participate?

A: You don’t NEED one, but how will you take home some of our great books? It’s easy to get one and once again, FREE!

Q: Is there a fee for this program?

A: No, it’s all free!

Q: When signing up for programs, should I list each child’s name on a separate line?

A: YES! It’s easier for us to take a glance at the list and count the number of kids planning to attend.

Q: I’m bringing 2 kids, but one is just 2. Should I list them on the sign–up sheet?

A: Yes. They are still taking a seat. Handheld infants need not be listed.

Q: If it says ages 5 and up, can I bring my 3 year old?

A: No, we are sorry. Many of these age restrictions are listed by the presenter. They have designed the program to suit a particular age group.

Q: If I registered online, do I still need to write down what programs I want to attend in the binder?

A: Yes. Online is only for demographic purposes and to be sure your child is registered for the program to be able to win prizes.  Please sign-up for individual programs in the binder.

Q: When will we see what prizes are being offered?

A: June 14, the first day of the program. We also will not start issuing tickets to win prizes until that day. Last day to turn in prize tickets to try and win something is Wed., July 25 at 12noon, so we can pull prizewinners to  announce on the final day, July 26. And no, you need not be present to win, we’ll  contact you.

Q: If the program says 30 kids and I’m signed up under WAITING LIST, what does that mean?
A: It means we’ll contact the others registered from numbers 1-30. If one of them cannot attend, you’ll be  contacted.



Genealogy – Family History Field Trips

When it comes to genealogy, it’s really NOT “all on line.” If you’re serious about breaking though those “brick walls” in your family tree research, you’ll need to step away from the computer and go on a few field trips.

Family history field trips…to another town, a local cemetery, or another country…can give your priceless results.

Learn how to prepare and how to make the best use of your time!

Author Visit with Rich Gazarik

Pittsburgh is a hardworking city. And hard workers sometimes enjoy the occasional spirit. So, when Prohibition hit the Steel City, it created a level of violence and corruption residents had never witnessed. Join author Richard Gazarik as he details the shady side of the Steel City during a tumultuous era.

Gazarik is a former reporter for the Tribune-Review and has written several books about historical events in the Pittsburgh area.

Block Party

Thanks to a generous grant from the State of Pennsylvania, we have a LOT of really fun blocks, everything from large wooden shapes to Lincoln Logs to Magna Tiles. We invite families and children (under 6) to come in and play and build!


Next session will be Monday, November 27 at 6pm. C’mon in and build!

Lego Club

Thanks to many generous donors, we have enough Lego bricks to REALLY have fun!

Next gathering?  Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 6:30pm. These are regular-sized Lego bricks, so please, no little ones. It’s just open-play building. Let’s  see what your kids can do!

Rock Painting

Rock Painting for families and kids.

Saturday September 7th at 6:00PM

Open to all, but registration required, limited number of places. Call the Children’s library to sign up.

Experience the Eclipse @ the Library

Our Eclipse Event – August 21 from 1-4PM

Join us at the library for this special Event. We will be giving away FREE GLASSES for VIEWING, while supplies last.

Eclipse Safety Tips

  • Never look at the sun without eye protection
  • If your eclipse glasses are scratched or damaged in any way, they are NOT safe to use.
  • Dark Sunglasses are NOT adequate protection during an eclipse.
  • Make sure your eclipse glasses have ISO 12312-2:2015 on them.