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So far, 2023 has showed that the Norwin Community has fully emerged from the pandemic era slumber!

The number of books, DVDs, and other items checked out to our Patrons has risen 6% year over year! That’s almost 10,000 more items borrowed than in 2019. Let’s keep up the momentum and end the year even stronger!

Our recovery extends to more than books. For years, the Norwin Library has served as a community hub for local clubs, book discussion groups, and small businesses. Parents and grandparents have utilized our many children’s programs, adult education lectures and other entertainment series as a way to network with old friends and to connect with like-minded people. From 2020 to 2022 attendance at these programs fell by almost a third.

This year, participants in our programs bounced back spectacularly, reaching and surpassing 2019 levels. We doubled the number of children participating in our Summer Reading Program and overall attendance has jumped by 63% over last year. As of today, 600 more participants have enjoyed our free community programs than in 2019.