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Memorials and Donations

Book Plates

We recognize most donations with a commemorative Norwin Library Book Plate. These plates are placed in a new hardback book. You can determine whether you’d like the book to be an Adult or Children’s book and a topic of your choosing.

We place a memorial or commemorative book plate for any gift or donation of $25 or more.

You can pick up a memorial brochure at the library, or you can print out the form below and mail it to us at:

Norwin Public Library
100 Caruthers Lane
Irwin, PA 15642

Download the Memorial Donation Form Here.

Giving Tree Leaf

Giving Tree leaves are purchased for different reasons, but all serve as a lasting reminder of a loved one, friend, achievement, or organization in the Norwin Community.

Leaves are printed and placed on our Giving Tree. The Tree is prominently located in our main Reading Room.

Printed leaves are $150. You can pick up a Giving Tree Leaf brochure at the library, or you can print out the form below:

Norwin Library Giving Tree Leaf Form

Furniture Plaques

Book stacks, reading tables, and chairs can also be purchased. These plaques are larger than Giving Tree Leaves. If you’re interested in purchasing a plaque for one of these, give us a call.

Norwin Library Memorials: 724-863-4700 x 7