Friends of the Norwin Public Library


Although they bear the name “Friends of The Norwin Public Library”, the truth is that the non-profit group that headquarters in the library’s “Book Cellar” could easily be considered Friends to the entire Norwin area. Their mission to support literacy and community through the Norwin Public Library is a tradition that goes back nearly to the founding of the library.

The Norwin Public Library would like to take this opportunity to give a heart-felt Thank You to the Friends of the Norwin Public Library and discuss some of the many ways that their efforts help the library and community. While their constant efforts are always appreciated, they aren’t always given the public acknowledgement they are due.

The Friends of the Norwin Public Library sponsor many adult programs throughout the year, most recently a luncheon with Pirates announcer Steve Blass. 

It cannot be overstated how supportive and helpful the Friends of the Norwin Public Library have been to our community’s children and parents. The Friends of the Library have sponsored the Library’s annual Summer Reading Program. This year’s program, Build A Better World!, will promote community involvement as well as engineering challenges.  Upcoming programming will feature plays by Stage Right, a visit from Crimson Creek Apiaries as well as engineering programs from the Carnegie Science Center. 

Genealogy is always a popular research focus in libraries, and the Friends of the Library have helped hundreds of Norwin genealogists through the funding of Library Edition for the Norwin Public Library. Visitors to the library can access and the hundreds of thousands of documents, databases, and family trees that have been compiled. For many residents, this resource has provided the incentive to develop the computer skills that unlock the digital world they once resisted.

The Friends of the Norwin Public Library contribute annually to the technology budget. Twenty-six computers are regularly upgraded and replaced, ensuring that students, job-seekers, and researchers have fast and modern equipment at their disposal.

The Friends of the Norwin Public Library raise funds through their annual Holiday Basket Sale in November and December, the Third Place Coffee Shop located inside the library, and various book sales throughout the year, helping to promote literacy throughout the community.

The famous “Buy the Bag” Used Book Sale will be held on June 29 through July 1,  with  members of the Friends of the Norwin Public Library being privy to a special sneak preview the evening of June 29th. Many people enjoy owning their books so they can read them over and over, and the Used Book Sales held throughout the year allows them to purchase gently used fiction and non-fiction at a tiny fraction of retail price.

Donating Books to the Friends of the Library Book Sales

The library accepts gently used books, audio books, and DVDs. All materials should be clean, dry, undamaged, and free from mold and dampness.

The library does not accept:

  • Encyclopedias
  • Readers Digest Condensed Books
  • Textbooks of any kind
  • Magazines
  • VHS Cassette Tapes

Donations can be brought to the library during normal business hours. Please do not leave donations outside in the weather when the library is closed.

Because we cannot properly assess the value of library donations, the library does not provide receipts for tax deduction purposes.

The Friends are always looking for new members. If you’re interested in joining the Friends of the Norwin Public Library, stop in and visit the Third Place Coffee Shop right inside the Library.