Young Pencils Writer's Group

Young Pencils is a writers group for aspiring writers in grades 3-5. This group is designed to be a welcoming and calming space to find the author within one’s self. At each session the group discusses the elements of writing. We start off with a warm up exercise to get the creative juices flowing. The groups’ instructor then goes over some terms or techniques, including an exercise, to help develop their writing skills. Past lessons have included talking about the steps in writing, brainstorming, sketching a sentence and developing detailed paragraphs.  

Our final, and most entertaining, workshop of each session involves having the writers do some free writing from a prompt given to them. Here is where they can truly let the writers that they are loose. With the remaining time, if anyone would like to read out loud what they have written, the group is ready to listen and enjoy.

Young Pencils meets once a month, the first Thursday of each month, at 6:00pm. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour. Anyone is welcome to join that is in grades 3-5. All supplies are provided by the group. If interested in joining please sign up in the Children’s Library.