Welcome to Story Time!

We offer two story times per week. Held Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:00am, each story time features three stories and several songs. No registration is required and this is no age limit. If you think your child would enjoy it, you are welcome to bring them.

Families attending story time are given an informational sheet listing the books read and the songs that were sung (as well as the words to the songs) for future reference.

Story Time FAQ
Q: Is my 6 month old too young for story time?
A: We don't believe so! Your child will love to watch the older kids and take in his/her surroundings in a new place, and begin to understand social interactions outside of your home. All are welcome.

Q: But my child NEVER sits still. Will the other families get upset?
A: Story times proceed whether the whole group is sitting, standing and dancing! Each child is different. The child who sat on Monday may want no part of sitting on Wednesday. They will still be listening and processing what's going on, and you may be surprised if they want to talk about a book later that day, and you had no inkling that they were listening. They do all tend to gather back around once we start singing!)

Q: Is there an age that is "too old" for story time?
A: The programs are designed for children up to around age 5. However, if your child is interested in attending, they will be welcomed.

Q: Is the Wednesday story time a repeat of the Monday one, with the same stories and songs?
A: No. The only thing that is the same about both programs is that we sing the alphabet. Songs, books and fingerplays are different entirely. For instance, on Mondays we sing a song about the weather. Wednesday, it's a song covering the days of the week.

Q: Will this program help my child in school?
A. Because we don't vary the program structure, the children become used to the continuity. We always begin Monday with a specific song and fingerplay. Once they get to school, their teachers will employ the same structure, teaching the kids how the class will be progressing forward that day. (And the children appreciate the structure and knowing what comes next! We've heard many kids announce to their friends that after the books have been read, we start singing!)

If you have a question at any time, please stop by the Childrens Desk, call us at 724.863.4700 ext. 6 or send an email to bflynn@norwinpubliclibrary.org.